Travel guide Marbella: favorite spots



As you might have seen on my Instagram already, we recently went on a holiday to Marbella and as I got some questions from people who are planning to go there, I thought it would be easy to write a post about it. So here is my travel guide for Marbella.

A lot of people are under the impression that everything is super expensive in Marbella, but in my opinion it’s the same as with Ibiza: You can make it as expensive as you want. Of course you can spend a lot of money when hopping from fancy beach clubs to night clubs every day. But today I’m sharing my favorite places to go in Marbella in every price range.





Where to Eat

Le Kune is definitely my favorite restaurant in Marbella! It’s a typical Spanish tapas restaurant. They don’t work with a menu, but waitresses walk by every few minutes with a plate where you can choose from. We drove by Le Kune by accident and noticed that there was even a waiting line outside. So we decided to head back the next day and the food was so good! If you love typical Spanish tapas, definitely go there.

Takumi is a Japanese restaurant and we had the best sushi dinner there. It’s á la carte, the restaurant is cozy and the waiters are very friendly. We were so happy to eat sushi again, as Samsun didn’t have any sushi restaurants.

Don Leone is a Italian restaurant at Puerto Banus, and although we only went there because we were super hungry and we just went there, the food was better than we expected. Of course, in Puerto Banus it’s full of tourists so keep that in mind but we were even happy to speak Dutch again as we were so used to people speaking Turkish all the time, haha!

La Gazetta is again an Italian restaurant, I just love Italian food. 🙂 This restaurant is a little outside the center so therefore you will need a taxi or a rental car as we did. The food is so good there and afterwards I heard that it’s

Nobu just opened it’s first restaurant in Spain, situating in Marbella. I really wanted to go there but unfortunately it wasn’t open yet when we were in Marbella. But I’ll be definitely going there when going back to Marbella. 



Where to Stay 

Amàre is by far the best hotel we stayed at in Marbella. It’s an adult-only hotel directly situated at the beach in Old-Town Marbella. So you can walk to all the shops in the cute streets of the Old-Town. Breakfast is amazing and Amare’s beach club is great for lounging by the sea with some drinks and lounge music.

The Westin La Quinta is a golf hotel in La Quinta, Marbella. We simply booked this hotel because we couldn’t stay longer in Amàre, but this hotel was as well pretty good. But as I don’t like to play golf that much, it wasn’t really for me. It was nice to stay in La Quinta, and because we had a rental car, we explored the neighborhood a bit. Would definitely want to live some day in La Quinta!



Where to Shop

Puerto Banus –
Of course you can’t leave Marbella without buying something at Puerto Banus. Most higher end brands are located there and you can find as well some cute vintage shops in the parellel streets.

Old town of Marbella is so nice to stroll through during the day, and it has a lot of cute little boutiques. And it’s a great alternative if you’re done with strolling through Puerto Banus.

Granada Shopping Center is where we went on our last day and went all out, haha! We initially wanted to go to Nikki beach, but after our dissapointing experience which Ocean club (we heard Nikki Beach is quite similar), we decided to just go to the nearest shopping center and spend our money there. As the ‘normal’ department stores like Zara and Mango, there are as well some cool stores that you can’t find outside of Spain.


Puerto Banus is famous for it’s mega yachts, luxury retail stores (hello Gucci!) and restaurants. It’s super fun to walk down Puerto Banus at night to have some dinner, or just stroll through the harbor during the day time drinking some wine (my favorite). And if you love just to watch people, this is the perfect place!

Levante Beach is a restaurant/lounge bar near Puerto Banus on the beach. It’s perfect to have some breakfast or lunch and enjoy a good glass of wine. After we shopped at Puerto Banus we went to Levante for some drinks and this spot is as well very Instagrammable. 😉



Where not to go

So one of the last days we met some people and they were going to Ocean Club the next day so we decided to join them. And although the people which we were with were super nice, I will never go back to Ocean club. It’s in my opinion a super overrated beach club, super expensive and definitely not worth it. Spending that kind of money I expected way more of it!



I hope you like this travel guide for Marbella, and maybe this can be a recurring thing on my blog so let me know! X