Update: We’ve moved!

Today I want to do a little update about the changes that happened over the few months in where I was not regularly posting; a lot has changed!

First of all, last summer Tom moved to another club. Which was quite far away from where we used to live. Sometimes he had to drive 2,5 hours in the morning because of all the traffic jams on that route. So we quickly went to look for another home somewhere in the middle of his and my job. Somewhere in October we found our house and we could move in quickly.

We moved from Holland to Belgium and I thought that it would take some time to adapt, but luckily I quite like it here! A lot of Dutch people live in our neighborhood so that felt like home right away for me. 🙂

At the moment we are still renovating the house, but I will for sure make a post/video soon when our home is a bit more decorated. Below you can already see our new kitchen, which we are really happy with! It was quite necessary to have a new kitchen as the previous one was a few decades old! I love the concrete countertop combined with wood, and the black details give it a modern and contrasting effect.


And I already want to give you a little sneak peek to our new closet. We decided to make a walkin closet of the smallest room, so one side is for Tom’s clothes and the other is mine. Before we moved in I reorganized my whole closet so that I wouldn’t have to bring the stuff that I’m not wearing anymore, I brought it all to charity. Tom has practically more clothes than I do right now! 😛

 Now Tom has practically more clothes than I do!

I hope I updated you a little more of what has happened the recent months, and of course I will be updating now and then how the home is getting together. 🙂

Thanks for reading!