My 22nd Birthday!

Yesterday I turned 22 on the 22nd of March so that was a reason for a small party for family and friends!

The day before, the 21st of March my father in law already had his birthday party so this weekend was full of parties! As a snack we went for sushi which was delicious!

Gisteren ben ik 22 geworden en dat was natuurlijk reden genoeg voor een klein feestje! De avond van tevoren was het ook al redelijk laat geworden (lees: 03.30) want mijn schoonvader werd 60. Mijn feest begon pas ‘s avonds dus als lekker hapje hadden we sushi gehaald, heerlijk!!! 


My mother’s friend Nienke made a super delicious cake for my birthday of my favorite game!!! 🙂 

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It was a great birthday! Although I felt like I got run over by a truck this morning… On to the next one… 😉
X Nikki