Up Close and Stylish || Style Inspiration & Face Revealed

If you don’t know Up Close and Stylish, you’re really missing something on Instagram! She has hundreds of louboutins, a ton of Hermes bags but above all she has impeccable style! And recently some photos showed up on the internet claiming to know who she is, and in my opinion they are really the same woman! I was always wondering who that woman was behind all the great shoes and outfits. So scroll down for some of my favorite outfit photos of her and of course photos that show her face!

 First let’s start with some pictures of her great style.

Up Close and Stylish style inspiration face

What I love about her choices of clothes is that she matches designer brands with e.g. Zara, Forever21. She also wears a lot of H&M jeans, especially the ‘Super skinny super low’ jeans. And even a few weeks ago she posted a pic wearing a no brand dress from a vintage store.

Up Close And Stylish Style Inspiration H&M Jeans
Up close and Stylish wearing Forever21.

Up Close And Stylish Style Inspiration H&M Jeans
Up close and Stylish wearing one of her favorite H&M jeans.


Up Close And Stylish Style Inspiration H&M Jeans
Again the H&M jeans.


Again Forever21.
After seeing such great style and beauty I was definitely so eager to know more about the woman and after some googling I stumbled upon a blog called ‘French Madame’ with pictures of her face:

Up close and stylish face

Up close and stylish face

Her real name is Malin Känsäkangas Bergfors and she married Kurt Bergfors in 2007 (Who is the founder of the MAX fast for chain in Sweden). She has a Facebook account with pictures, then I found her dog and also her sister Sabina Känsäkangas who both have pictures on their account as well.

Up Close and stylish dog

Up close and stylish

Of course I can understand that you still want to have your privacy and therefore not showing your face (or maybe other reasons), but for me it aroused a lot of curiosity. Of course, now knowing who she is, it doesn’t make a difference: The woman has impeccable style and I will continue to look with great admiration to her outfit posts!

X N.

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