Favorite dupes of designer ankle boots

designer ankle boots dupes nikkibergmans.com nikki bergmansIf you want to splurge on a pair of designer shoes, a safe pick would be to buy ankle boots because you get a lot of wear out of them. You can style them with anything in winter and summer. Today I’m showing you my 3 favorite dupes of designer ankle boots!


1. Bronx ankle boots (dupe of Chloe Susanna ankle boots) € 65,-


designer ankle boots dupes nikkibergmans.com nikki bergmansThe Chloe Susanna boots are such classic ankle boots, but they’re still a little edgy with the stud detailing. Although they’re a little pricey, this style of boot is so classic that it never goes out of style. Also Chloe launches new styles and colors every year of the boots. But a great dupe for a lot less are these Bronx ankle boots. These are great dupes in real leather and come as well in many different colors. I got the black ones with gold detailing from my parents in law for Christmas and I’ve worn them a lot already. But these red ones are still on my wish list and are even in sale right now with 50% off!



2. Toral ankle boots (dupe of Laurence Dacade ankle boots) € 168,-

designer ankle boots dupes nikkibergmans.com nikki bergmans

Since these boots from Laurence Dacade came out I’ve been obsessed with them! Not only this model, but Laurence Dacade has so many other great styles as well. I could only find these boots in green, but they would be great in black as well! The boots are great to wear in winter but they would go great as well in summer with a nice dress. And a big plus is that they are now in sale as well!



3.  Toral ankle boots (dupe of Givenchy boots) € 189


designer ankle boots dupes nikkibergmans.com nikki bergmans

The must have ankle boots for this winter were definitely the Givenchy ankle boots. They upgrade your look immediately and I love the buckled and studded detailing of the boots. These Toral boots are again a great dupe, made of real leather and again a timeless model. Unfortunately only these are not on sale, but they are still a great deal compared to the original Givenchy boots.